Buggy Computer Hardware? How to Update Your Drivers in Windows

As we know that updating drivers on your computer makes the PC perform optimally, one of the best tools that can be used for this is the Advanced Driver Updater. SlimDrivers is a cloud-based program that spiders and collects drivers for millions of devices via crowdsourcing. With this simple tool, you can never go wrong when installing AMD drivers on your computer. Also, you don’t have to worry about it having a limited feature set or anything because it is also free to use. The latest AMD driver for your computer hardware components can be found and downloaded with the aid of AMD Driver Autodetect, a tool created by AMD. On the other hand, its paid version automatically does the driver updating on your computer with just one click.

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  • Now, let’s forward to the next section that will explain how to check outdated drivers.
  • Vice-versa installations have been known to work, but they can develop problems.

Once you complete the steps, the hard drive will be listed on the “This PC” page of File Explorer, and you can start saving files in it. Microsoft has a tool specifically designed for fixing problems with USB 3.0 devices and drivers. Download it from the official support website, then run the program as you would any other. If one is discovered, allow it to continue with an attempted fix.

How to Fix DRIVER CORRUPTED EXPOOL Error on Windows 10

In addition to the system requirements problems, you may also encounter Windows Update issues, but you can use the built-in troubleshooter to solve the most common issues. After you complete the steps, the security module will enable, and the computer should now meet the Windows 11 requirement. Once you confirm the hardware specifications, make sure the device has an enabled Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0. Use these steps to make sure that your app can access your webcam. If you are experiencing one of the following issues, use the procedure to attempt to resolve that issue.

  • This way, you don’t have to use Windows Update or Device Manager to find and install the latest drivers.
  • In this case, you should open the manufacturer’s website and look for new drivers.
  • We also have additional articles on the more common printer errors such as Lexmark Printer Driver Errors.
  • The driver and app updates may help to improve computer performance, expand compatibility, and fix minor issues.
  • There’s a forum you can use if you’re struggling to learn how the program works.

Even if the manufacturer does offer a slightly newer version, you probably won’t notice the difference. There’s no reason to obsess about having the latest hardware drivers for every component in your computer. There is no forcing there, it simply cannot do anything with that file, just like you cannot force a light bulb to work from your water tap at home.

Alternative: Snappy Driver Installer

That includes the current Windows 11, version 22H2 update, or any other new build version, which you should select to upgrade to if available. They are useful when you intend to 802.11n driver for windows 64-bit update the HID keyboard device driver, uninstall the keyboard driver, or solve pretty much any keyboard driver error. This is a built-in tool to detect and fix the most incorrect settings and errors that cause issues with hardware. To resolve the keyboard driver errors in Windows 10, below are a few preliminary checks and quick fixes, as well as solutions that you can use going forward. You can always head back to the first section of the article for tips on reinstalling your graphics card drivers. They can be terrifying, especially if your whole screen changes its display to something that you’re not familiar with. One of the most alarming issues you can get on your Windows 10 device is the blue screen error or the DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL error.

fix drivers windows 10

However, to do that, you must know the exact model of your graphics card. Updating graphics card drivers is essential to play the latest games with optimized performance. New graphics card drivers contain performance improvements not only for newly released games but also for new Windows operating systems, such as Windows 11. If you want Windows 11 to download & install the latest version of the driver automatically, then pick the first option. Below, we have shared a few best ways to update drivers on Windows 11.

It is possible to install Windows drivers on Linux, but it is not recommended. Windows drivers are not designed to work on Linux, and may not work properly. In addition, installing Windows drivers on Linux can potentially damage the Linux operating system. You can use the ddrescue tool from the command line to recover as much information off that disc as possible, and it’s really not that difficult. Just boot into the Live CD and follow through our guide to recover some files.


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